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Vice President of India: The tenure of the current Vice President Venkaiah Naidu will end on August 10. Elections were held today to elect his successor as Vice President. The contest is between joint opposition candidate Margaret Alva and NDA candidate Jagdeep Dhankhar. Who will be elected as the next Vice President at this time? Everyone is interested. At the same time, many people may not be aware of what the post of Vice President is like, who is eligible, what are the salary allowances and benefits. That’s why News18 knows the details of what life is like as the Vice President of India and the benefits they get.

* Who is eligible for the post of Vice President?
A candidate for the post of Vice President must be a citizen of India. Must have completed 35 years of age. Only those who are eligible to be elected to the Rajya Sabha can contest for the post of Vice President. Those holding positions of profit in the Government of India, any State Government or any local bodies are ineligible. Resignation from such posts before contesting.

* Salaries are like this..
The salary of the Vice President of the country is fixed as per the Salaries and Allowances of Parliamentary Officers Act, 1953. The Vice President also acts as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. So the speaker gets salary and benefits. According to reports, the Vice President is paid Rs.4 lakhs per month. Apart from that they are given various allowances.

* Where is the Vice President’s residence?
The Vice President resides at the official residence of the Vice President of India at Maulana Azad Road in New Delhi, India.
Since May 1962, the bungalow at Maulana Azad Road No. 6, New Delhi has been the official residence of the Vice President of India. The total area is 6.48 acres (26,223.41 sq.m.). The building is bounded by Maulana Azad Road to the south, Man Singh Road to the east and a green area adjacent to Rajpath to the west. There is a common boundary wall with Vigyan Bhavan.

* Benefits, Allowances
In addition to the salary, the Vice President is entitled to various daily allowances. Other benefits include free medical care, free rail, air travel, landline connection, mobile phone service. They have personal security as well as staff. When the President is not available, the Vice President, if he assumes the duties of the President, will also get the salary and benefits of the President. In addition, the President will have access to all facilities.

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