When and Where to See Green Comet in India Coming Near Earth After 50 Thousand Years; Green comet is coming after 50 thousand years, will be seen in India too, see where and when it will be seen IG News

New Delhi: If you are interested in the events that take place thousands of miles away from our earth, the night of February 1st is going to be special for you. A green comet is going to pass by the earth after about 50 thousand years. According to the astronomical phenomenon, this comet is different from other comets. For one, its color is green. It is also passing close to Earth.

A green comet is coming after 50 thousand years
This comet is orbiting the Sun. Also for this it has completed 50 thousand years. On the 12th of this month, this comet passed close to the Sun. Now it will pass by the Earth. According to the scientist, the last time this comet passed close to the earth, Neanderthals were living there. The comet has been named C/2022 E3 (ZTF).

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This amazing sight can be seen with naked eyes
From January 30 to February 2, this comet passes close to Earth. It will pass closest on February 1. This comet can be seen with the naked eye at night. According to experts, this comet is made up of dust and ice. Also its color is green. Due to its rare color, it has a green light on all sides. At the time of its closest approach to Earth, the distance of this comet will be 2.7 crore kilometers.

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This is a wonderful sight to see in India
According to reports, this Green Comet will be visible across India from January 30 to February 2. It can be seen most closely in Odisha. At night you can see it with open eyes. But, with the help of a telescope, this sight can be seen even more special.

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