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When and who decided to import wheat? This was revealed in official documents.

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Lahore (Delhi Pakistan Online) When and which government decided to import wheat? Which has become a hindrance for farmers in Punjab? The details were revealed in official documents.
According to the document, private TV Geo News said that a summary of the import of 10 hundred thousand tons of wheat was made in the PDM government of Shahbaz Sharif and on July 13, 2023, the Minister of Food Security officially approved the summary of the purchase of 1 million tons of wheat. Formal There was a resolution to use wheat as a strategic reserve, but the Energy Regulatory Commission postponed the summary of the results to 8 August 2023. The caretaker government sent the summary of the results to the Prime Minister’s House on 1 September 2023 and on the 4th. September 2023 Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Qaqar approves the conclusions as Minister of Food Security. In summary, it was sent to the acting Prime Minister. The price of flour was set at 5 thousand 600 rupees, after which a recommendation came from the Prime Minister. House to integrate the public and private sectors. According to the 12 September 2023 document, a summary of wheat imports was sent to the ECC again, but the Ministry of Finance did not officially support the procurement of wheat and said the private sector could import better, but when On October 23, 2023, ECC decided to purchase wheat, officially concluding imports.
The document states that on November 24, 2023, the Trade Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) issued a tender to export 11 lakh tonnes of wheat. True, but it is surprising that even without the TCP auction, 1.2 million tonnes of wheat was available. entry into the country until December 17. According to the document, there was a meeting of the Wheat Committee on December 19, 2023, where permission was suddenly granted to import an additional 150,000 tonnes of wheat despite the arrival of 25 private vessels with private individuals. already Wheat and wheat began to enter the country at the Wheat Committee meeting.
At the meeting on February 23, 2024, the wheat export date was extended by one month to March 31, and the central government also allowed the export of another 1.5 million tons of wheat. After that, wheat exports Even after the current government has arrived Available in March

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