‘When people start talking against you’ … Jale Border Video Viral

‘When people start talking against you’ … Jale Border Video Viral

Pakistani model and actress Jale Sarhadi’s comedy video went viral on social media.

Actress Jale Sarhadi shared a video on the photo and video sharing app Instagram in which she can be seen lip-syncing in a humorous manner.

Sharing the video, Jale Sarhadi wrote in the caption, “Hate seekers only try to prove that you are going in the right direction.”

In the video, someone says to the actress, “A lot is being written against you.” “There is a saying in my village, when people start talking against you, understand that you are making progress,” she says.

The actress shared this video a few hours ago which was watched by thousands of fans and also expressed her opinion on it.

It should be noted that Jale Sarhadi often shares similar comedy videos on Tik Tak and Instagram.

Jale Sarhadi had recently shared a humorous video with the caption, “Do good and put it on the status quo.”

In the video, Jale is saying that “before they used to do good deeds and throw them in the river, now they throw them on estates.”

Jale Sarhadi started acting in 2008, so far she has acted in about half a dozen films and several dramas.



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