When the railway administration cut down the tree to remove Mataji’s shrine, it started bleeding from inside IG News

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Chapra: The history of Budhia Mai in Chhapra district of Bihar is very interesting. Since there is a railway in the area, several attempts were made to remove the temple, but the railway administration failed to remove the temple. According to local people, when the railway administration tried to remove this temple, some untoward incidents happened. Later the Railway Administration installed the temple where it was earlier.
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Apart from the local people, several officials of the Railway Administration and their family members also used to come here to offer prayers. There are peepal and neem trees in the campus of this temple. A large number of birds live on it and have built several nests. The calm atmosphere here is very relaxing to the mind. Where people worship with their families. Local people say that the work of removing this temple and laying tracks has been going on for a long time. But there is no success. There have been rifts with many people. After which the railway administration again established this temple at the same place.

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Turned the tracks near the temple

The special thing is that the railway administration is working here again, but the railway tracks have been diverted near the temple. The temple has not been removed. The temple is established at the same place. However, the railway administration has expanded the temple campus by pouring soil around the temple. Bina Mishra, a local woman, says that devotees from Gorakhpur, Siwan, Gopalganj districts and other states come here in large numbers to bow their heads. Devotees here mainly come from all over the state to pay Mana Darshan and seek manokam. He said that once the railway administration removed the temple and was cutting trees to lay tracks. From which blood started to flow. Seeing blood coming out of the tree, the railway workers stopped the work. The temple was re-established there by the administration along with the ordinance. The temple has been there ever since. The special thing is that this temple is very close to Chhapra Junction.

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