Who is Nutty, YouTube Star Wanted for Duping Followers of Rs 439 Crore; Who is Nutty? Instagram star cheats fans, absconds with Rs 400 crore from investors IG News

New Delhi : A famous YouTuber has been accused of cheating over Rs 400 crores. She had lured thousands of followers through a forex trading scam. YouTuber promised huge return on investment to followers. This case is from Thailand and more than 847 thousand people subscribed to Natthaman Khong’s YouTube channel Nutty’s Diary, where she used to post dance videos. Natthaman also has over 3 lakh followers on Instagram, where she promotes private courses for forex traders.

According to a report in a national newspaper, Natthaman was paid for the investment by more than 6,000 of her followers. A lawyer helped dozens of victims file complaints with the Thai police. According to reports, she took the money by promising followers a return of up to 35%.

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Promised huge profits
The woman is accused of ensnaring thousands of followers through a forex trending scam. This famous YouTuber promised her fans a huge return on investment and raked in the money, but it didn’t happen. The beautiful YouTuber and Instagram star ran away with around Rs 400 crores from her fans. An arrest warrant has been issued against the woman.

In his last Instagram post in May 2022, Natthaman said he had about Rs 220 crore ($27.5 million) from investors. Also in a video, she claimed that the broker had blocked her trading account and funds since March. However, she said that she will try to return the money of the people. However, there is no response from Natthaman regarding these allegations.

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New victims are emerging every day
Notably, there has been no response from popular YouTuber Natthaman yet, but Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) police officer Watana Ketumpai – the unit of the Thailand police involved in the investigation of Internet crimes – last week issued an arrest warrant against Nathamon in connection with the fraud. The official further said that- “Every day new victims are coming forward and they claim to have lost lakhs of rupees.

It is claimed that 102 complaints have been filed in this matter so far, in which the complainants have suffered a loss of around Rs 6.5 crore. Meanwhile, the number of frauds could be higher as many may have filed complaints at other police stations as well, police said. Natthaman has not been seen on social media since June 2022 and many people say that she has left the country. Ketumpai said that looking at immigration records, it appears that Natthaman has not been outside of Thailand.