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Who is paying Hareem Shah’s expenses in London?

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TikToker Hareem Shah – Photo courtesy of Instagram.

TikToker Hareem Shah revealed that she lives in a beautiful, well-decorated apartment given to her by a friend in London.

During Hareem Shah’s conversation with Geo News, the reporter asked, ‘How are you living in England? What is your source of income?

In response to reporters’ questions He said accommodation in London was the most expensive. But one of my friends gave me a furnished apartment in his love. And because of the recent events that happened to me So the government here also gave me five bills. -Star level hotel, I provide the space, so there are no expenses here.

Hareem Shah said that income is not important for me to stay here. The love of friends and relationships is enough for me. I don’t want anything in life.

He added that people aspire to live in London and it takes years to build a home here. But I was lucky to receive the gift of a furnished house here.

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