WHO New Decision | WHO changed the name of monkeypox to Mpox, expressing concern about racism, read full report IG News

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New Delhi: World Health Organization ie WHO changed the name of monkeypox disease to Mpox. The reason behind this was said to be racism. In a statement on Monday, it said that Mpox is its new preferred name for monkeypox, adding that both monkeypox and Mpox will be used for the next year. While gradually the old name will be removed in a phased manner. The WHO has cited concerns that the original name of the decades-old animal disease could be perceived as discriminatory and racist.

The WHO was concerned by the racist and stigmatizing language that arose after monkeypox spread to more than 100 countries. As the Associated Press reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) has changed the name of monkeypox to Mpox. Which states that this disease can be considered discriminatory and racist.

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Explain that monkeypox is a viral zoonosis that spreads from animals to humans. The symptoms of which are similar to smallpox but are clinically less severe. Symptoms of monkeypox usually begin within 3 weeks of exposure to the virus. If anyone has flu-like symptoms. They usually develop a rash after one to four days.


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