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Who took Bazi to Momin Saqib and Salman Khan’s meeting?

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Pakistani social media influencer, actor and host Momin Saqib met Indian superstar and actor Salman Khan in Dubai during a meeting. Influencers’ hairstyles catch everyone’s attention.

The actor shared a new post on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram and informed his fans about his meeting with Salman Khan.

Momin Saqib came to support Pakistani fighter Shahzeb Rind at a karate fighting tournament held in Dubai. United Arab Emirates

In this match, Pakistani fighter Shahzeb Rind won the match 2-1 by knocking out Rana Singh of India in 20 seconds.

With many fans coming to watch this historic event. Famous people from both countries came to watch this competition as well.

Meanwhile, Momin Saqib met superstar Salman Khan who came from a neighboring country to watch the match.

However, what caught users’ attention in the photos and videos shared by the Pakistani social media influencer was his hairstyle.

His hairstyle was inspired by the character ‘Rade Mohan’ from Salman Khan’s famous film ‘Tere Naam’, which became the focus of consumers’ attention.

Follow social media users This hairstyle is perfect for the occasion.

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