Who was the first to betray Lady Diana and Prince Charles? –


Who was the first to betray Lady Diana and Prince Charles? –

LONDON: Prince Charles is widely blamed for the differences and separation between the late Princess Diana and her ex-husband, Prince Charles, and even for Diana’s tragic accidental death. Is declared.

But the question is, who was unfaithful, Charles or Lady Diana? To this day the truth is told to the world that Prince Charles betrayed Lady Diana, but the other side of the story has come to the fore again.

Lady Diana had a former security guard, Sergeant Alan Peter, who claimed in an interview with CNN that it was not Prince Charles but Lady Diana who initiated the infidelity during Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding.

According to Alan Peters, Diana had an affair with Barry Manaki, a fellow officer, and when Prince Charles found out, he returned to his first love, Camilla.

Alan Peters said that he had told Prince Charles about the affair, to which the prince replied that he had tried his best to keep Diana happy.

According to Alan Peters, Lady Diana was on her way to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987 when she heard the news of Barry Manaki’s death on the way, after which it became difficult for her to handle.

It should be noted that Alan Peters stayed with Lady Diana for 7 years after which he was fired. Earlier, the royal writer Jonathan Dumbleby had made similar revelations in his autobiography.


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