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“Whoever doesn’t like my words His sister’s relationship should be given to Babar Azam.”

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Nazish Jahangir fed up with deception, replies to Babar Azam’s fans: Image: Web Desk

Karachi: Nazish Jahangir, a famous actor of Pakistani entertainment industry. Tired of fake stories luring fans of national cricket team captain Babar Azam.

Nazish Jahangir recently held a Q&A session on Instagram where fans asked the actress if Captain Babar Azam would propose to her. What will she answer?

Responding to a fan’s question, Nazish Jahangir said that she would apologize instead of accepting Babar Azam’s proposal. As soon as the actress’ statement went viral on social media, Babar Azam’s fans criticized her.

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Now Nazish Jahangir is fed up with being tricked. So sent a special message to Babar Azam’s fans on his Instagram story.

Nazish Jahangir said that whoever doesn’t like my words should give away his sister’s relationship with Babar Azam. But please! Leave my soul

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Earlier, Nazish Jahangir had said in his Instagram story that Babar Azam’s fans were being encouraged and openly highlighted the negative aspects. Babar bhai is the brother of all of us! I have nothing to do with cricket. They’re already after me.

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It should be noted that Nazish Jahangir has made his official Instagram handle private from the public after this question and answer session. He later opened his Instagram handle again to respond to critics.

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