Why are boys and girls under the age of 30 having heart attacks today? Experts told the real reason that every young person must know – daily Ausaf IG News

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Heart diseases have become so common that nowadays less than 30 years

Boys and girls are also having heart attacks. Now experts have explained the real reason behind the high rate of heart attacks at such a young age. According to the Times of India, experts say that the reason for young boys and girls to get heart diseases and heart attacks is today’s fast pace and overwork. Cardiologist Dr Santosh Kumar Dora of the Asian Heart Institute said, “The work pressure on the youth today is unprecedented. Working hours have become longer and due to these reasons the rate of mental distress and hypertension among the youth has become very high. Exercise has also left their lives. These are all factors that are the product of today’s fast-paced life and these are the causes of heart diseases. Due to the pressure of the work culture that has flourished in today’s era, people also turn to cigarettes and alcohol. are more attracted which is another cause of heart destruction. Nowadays people prefer fast foods from market etc. instead of home cooked food because they don’t have time to cook food at home and then from outside. Food has also become a habit. These are the factors that are causing people to have high cholesterol, diabetes and other diseases and the young generation is getting heart attacks at a very young age.


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