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Why didn’t Hussain Market invite Moin? Akhtar came to his wedding?

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The late world-renowned legendary artist Moin Akhtar described Hussain Market in his memorial writing as follows: ‘I left the party and went to Talat Hussain’s wedding without an invitation.’

Moin Akhtar wrote in his writings: Talat Hussain and I must have worked together only once or twice in our 40-year relationship because we both took different paths in terms of art. But I have to say that no matter what I do, They can do it. Very well as well But we will spend a lifetime learning what they do.

In his memorable writings He tells the story of 1972 as follows: On my wedding day in 1972, Talat Hussain married Rakshi.

The market may not be able to attend my wedding. But I went straight from my wedding to attend Hussain Market’s wedding without an invitation. Because the tension between our friends had long since disappeared.

Moin Akhtar also narrated that our group of friends gradually became, among them, he knew palmistry (astrology) when he told Hussein market that you should change your name. This name doesn’t suit you very well. Then they named him ‘Farooq Jalal’. The movie in which Talat Hussain played the role of Farooq Jalal was a success, but Talat Hussain might have preferred his own name.

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