Why is it important to look at star rating while buying an air conditioner, AC?, What is the difference between 5 star and 3 star? – difference between 5 star and 3 star air conditioners which one is the best to buy IG News

New Delhi: Summer has started. The heat of the summer is also starting to settle well now. Many people have started buying coolers and ACs. But, if you are planning to buy an AC, here are some tips for you. These tips will help you a lot. If you want to buy an AC at a low price, there are a few things you may need to consider. Before buying AC you must know about 3 star and 5 star AC. But, many people do not know what is the exact difference between these two. What exactly are the benefits of this? Know the details.

According to experts, different ratings are given to air conditioners based on energy efficiency calculations. ACs with five star ratings have lower electricity bills. Whereas a three star rating AC consumes more energy and hence the electricity bill is higher. But, 5 star ACs are more expensive than 3 star ACs.

5 star AC reduces electricity bill
The largest condenser is provided in 5 star AC. This makes them electricity efficient. Whereas 3 star rating ACs have small condensers. These works are energy efficient. Due to this reason, there is a difference in the electricity bill between these two ACs.

For your information a Star AC consumes 1.1 units per hour of electricity. Whereas a 1.5 tonne 5 star AC consumes electricity bill at 0.84 units per hour. Comes with 3 Star AC Filter currently sold in the market. This allows dust and pollution to be filtered out of the air. While advanced features like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode and Eco Mode make the AC even better.

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Smart AC has entered the market today. ACs are generally of two types. It also has the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone operation. In any case, if the AC remote is lost, you can turn on or off the AC from your phone. Also the temperature can be reduced or increased.

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