Why is the bell ringed before going to the temple? IG News

Kolkata The tradition of ringing the bell before entering the temple has been going on for centuries. You must have also seen everyone ringing the bell and taking the name of God before going inside the temple, but do you know why this is done. Let us tell you the religious and scientific reasons for ringing the bell before entering the temple.
First of all know how many types of bells are there
Small Garuda bell in the first shape, which is usually used in the temples of the house. It is played by holding it with the hand.
The second door bell, which is installed at the door of the temple. It can be of any size. If you want, you can also plant them at home.
The third round-shaped ancient hand bell, in which a brass plate is beaten with a wooden stick. Its sound is as loud as a bell.
-The largest bell in the fourth size, whose sound is many kilos. Goes to It is often installed at the entrance of the temple.
Why is the bell rang?
There is not only religious significance but also scientific reasons for putting bells in the temple. Actually, the sound of the bell resonates throughout the environment, the vibrations produced by which destroy the bacteria and micro-organisms. It is believed that where the bell rings, the environment is always pure and pure.
What are the religious significance?
, It is believed that by ringing the bell, consciousness comes in the gods and goddesses and your attendance is kept in the door of God.
, According to scriptures, the sound of the bell brings spiritual feelings in the mind and removes bad thoughts.
, According to the Puranas, the bell is a symbol of the sound resonating during the creation of the universe. This is the reason why the bell is rung before starting any auspicious work.
Ringing of bell is also beneficial for health
1. Ringing a bell made of cadmium, zinc, nickel, chromium and magnesium keeps the brain balanced by the sound that comes out.
2. The reverberation of the bell activates all the 7 healing centers of the body, due to which the mind becomes calm and there are no negative thoughts in the mind.
3. It provides positive energy and strength to the mind, brain and body, so that you stay away from diseases like depression.