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An important meeting is going to be held tomorrow regarding AP BJP. A state executive meeting is being held under the chairmanship of state president Somu Veerraju in Krishna district Gannavaram on Friday. National Joint Events Minister Sivaprakash, State Affairs In-charge, Union Minister Muralidharan, State Affairs Joint In-charge Sunil Devdhar Sahakendra, State leaders and district presidents and in-charges will discuss various key issues in the meeting. In view of the completion of nine years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule, the various programs organized for a month, registration of charges against the state government and other combative programs will be reviewed. The national leaders will also review the progress of the decisions taken in the previous Bhimavaram meeting. It seems that the BJP leaders, who consider all these to be common issues, have a chance to discuss alliances.

Compared to the past, it seems that the state executive meeting being held for the first time in the context of a change in the tone of the AP BJP leaders regarding alliances has the potential to take a key decision. There are differences of opinion on alliances in the state BJP. There is a possibility of a key discussion on election alliances in the meeting. While some leaders are interested in making an alliance with Janasena only from the beginning, some leaders have a positive view on TDP alliance as well. In many cases, people say that their main alliance is alliance with Jana Sena. They also clarified that their fight in the state is against YCP and TDP family parties.

Recently, Pawan Kalyan met with TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. After that, he was positive about meeting TDP without splitting votes while staying with BJP. AP BJP leaders remained silent on this for a few days. In the wake of the Karnataka election results, it is clear that there has been some change in the anti-TDP attitude among the AP BJP leaders. Somu Veerraju opined that Pawan Kalyan is favoring TDP while saying that he will form an electoral alliance with Janasena. He also clarified that the same issue will be brought to the attention of the national leadership. In the background of the changing equations, taking the views of the state leaders on the alliances, there is a possibility of making a resolution that the final decision on this issue should be handed over to the national leadership.

And the political developments in the state have already been brought to the attention of Somu Veeraraju. AP BJP said that it is conducting a large-scale charge-sheeting program against the failures of the state government, corruption and irregularities of the ruling party leaders. Many leaders including the party’s state president Somu Veerraju are firing on the ruling YCP like never before. A wide campaign was carried out in the districts saying that they are looting the natural resources. In the name of registration of charge sheets, the district leaders are criticizing the authorities and in some places they are also filing criminal cases.

Henceforth, Srivari Darshan Tokens will be released on these dates only.., TTD’s key decision..!

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State BJP affairs co-in-charge Sunil Devdhar’s comments during his visit to the temple on Wednesday sparked a heated debate. Jagan Mohan Reddy has made strong comments that the useless rule is going on in the state and he has made strong comments that MLAs like Kodali Nani will be sent to jail. In a similar manner, state leaders in many districts have started a program of registration of charge sheets, criticizing the public representatives of the ruling party on a large scale. This will be discussed extensively in the state working group meeting and more aggressiveness will be increased.

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