Windsor-Essex hospitals ease masking requirements IG News

IG news Update,

Employees and staff at local hospitals Now only masks are required to be worn while within two meters of patients, officials announced Thursday afternoon.

According to a joint statement from the hospitals, starting Monday, April 17, the masking requirement at Windsor Regional Hospital, Hotel-du Grace Healthcare and Erie Shores Healthcare will be reduced in accordance with guidance from Public Health Ontario.

Volunteers, staff and workers will wear masks within two meters of patients but masks will not have to be worn if a physical barrier exists. Exceptions will apply when patients are subject to additional precautions or a facility is in an active outbreak.

Visitors, staff, employees, volunteers and non-symptomatic patients no longer have to wear masks in non-clinical areas of hospitals such as waiting rooms and lobbies, but it is recommended that visitors stay within two meters of patients Wear a mask.

Mask requirements will remain in effect in certain high-risk areas of the hospital, such as lounges and waiting rooms in the emergency, dialysis and oncology departments. Masks will also be required for visitors within two meters of patients in the same high-risk areas and at any facility with an active COVID-19 outbreak.

Officials said masking requirements will be posted when they come into force. Individuals may still choose to wear a mask at any time but must wear a hospital-issued mask, which will be issued at the entrance to the hospital.

Find specific requirements and visitor policies for each hospital on their respective websites.