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For Andréanne Dandeneau, the words “Black Friday” bring up a sense of chaos.

“Frenzy, mad,” she said. “Just last minute shopping.”

It’s something she’s giving her customers away from this holiday season. She’s not offering door-pounding deals at her shop, Anne Mulair Boutique, where she sells her sustainable clothing brand of the same name.

Instead, it is encouraging its customers to take care of their new clothes by offering free lifetime repairs on clothes purchased between November 25-30.

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“We thought, ‘What else can we offer … and we offer repairs,'” Dandeneau said.

Dandeneau started Anne Mulray 17 years ago, working out of her parents’ basement before moving to the Mulvey Avenue warehouse where her factory and shop are now.

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The Anishinaabe/French Métis designer primarily uses bamboo fabrics in her collections. Fabric scraps are saved and worked into the brand’s patchwork “Zero Waste” line.

“When I started my clothing line, it was very ingrained in me that I was going to be producing something on this planet that would eventually go to waste,” she said. “So, how am I going to be responsible for this waste?”

As well as helping its customers get the most out of their products, Dandeno hopes to be an example for responsible consumerism.

“Black Friday was going against my values, because it’s like consumption, buy fast, go, sell big!” he said.

The push to consume during the holidays is almost inevitable, says Colleen North, Green Action Center Living Green Living Well coordinator.

“It’s hard to get away from it, because you’re constantly being told about these Black Friday deals and how much you can save,” she said.

“I actually look at it and I’m like, ‘Do I really need this, though?’

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The answer considers the resources that go into creating and distributing products for Black Friday sales and for the rest of the year.

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“It’s creating a lot of carbon emissions through transportation, a lot of packaging waste, and just waste in the gifts that are replacing these items,” she said.

The Green Action Center promotes Black Friday as Buy Nothing Day – an international movement against consumerism.

Ans encourages experiences to cut down on waste and spend at locally owned businesses when buying secondhand goods, consumables or choosing gifts.


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