Woman Goes to Great Lengths to Say Sorry to Brother for not wishing in brother’s day IG News

In Kerala, the action of the sister who wrote the letter, which is 435 meters long and weighs 5 kg, has attracted the attention of many to vent her brother’s anger.

Krishna Priya hails from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. His brother Krishnaprasad (21) lives in Idukki Peermet, 250 km from where he lives. In this context, Krishna Prasad was saddened that his sister Krishna Priya did not greet him on World Brothers Day on May 24.

Also, Krishna Priya did not accept her brother’s calls and messages. Krishna Prasad also shared screenshots of Brother’s Day greetings sent to him by others. Also, Krishna Prasad blackmailed his sister on WhatsApp in anger.

Knowing that her brother was angry, Krishna Priya wrote her feelings in a letter and tried to calm her brother down. ‘Every once in a while I greet my brother on Brothers Day. I forgot to congratulate as there was too much work this time. Then I was worried when I saw the screenshots sent by my brother, ‘said Krishna Priya, who planned to write a letter to her brother.

Krishna Priya- Krishna Prasad

Subsequently, he bought 15 bundles of papers and spent 12 hours writing and finishing the letter, which is 434 meters long and weighs 5 kg. ‘My letter begins by saying that there are no words to express how happy I am to have a brother like him in my life. I am truly blessed, my brother is the greatest gift of God. I wrote in the letter how we celebrated our birthday together, ‘he said.

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And, ‘I carried my brother in my arms when I was 7 years old. He was in my arms and I smiled. It took long days for my brother to talk when he was a kid. I went to the temple every day and prayed for this. I was very happy when he started talking. To him I felt like a mother and to me he felt like a child, ‘said Krishna Priya with flexibility. He has also applied for a Guinness World Record for his longest letter.

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