Women from the outskirts of Palitana raised an uproar in the municipality over the issue of water IG News

Updated: Apr 13th, 2023

– Residents’ attempt to surround the provincial office

– Pipelines have 10 to 15 ghost tap connections, local residents are not getting enough water.

Palitana: In the residential areas of Ward No. 1 on the outskirts of Palitana city, outrage broke out among the local residents as not even a drop of water was provided for the last 20 days. Despite making written and oral submissions on this serious matter, there was no permanent solution, the women surrounded the municipal office with slogans.

Sapna Srishti is a separate area in Ward No.1 in Palitana. About 70 to 80 women rushed to the municipal office to protest the unresolved issue of not getting enough water regularly for about 15 to 20 days in all those areas. A group of angry women rushed into the chamber of the female president of the municipality and angrily presented to the president’s representative that Ward no. Currently, there is no facility for drinking water for the residents, even though there is a water pipeline, 10 to 15 connections have been connected to the illegal tap connections on the road. Now the scorching summer has set in, if the temperature is high, there is no potable water in the surrounding area, so they have to buy water from outside. Now, if this problem is not solved, then the provincial office of Palitana will be surrounded, he said. Meanwhile, the representative of the municipal president urged the residents to settle the outstanding water and sewerage tax at the earliest and resolve the water problem.