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Irshadgul News report,

One organized person has already bought all of her Christmas presents for herself, she confirms.

With just a few weeks to go, Tom Booker has gotten the season of giving off to a strong start, picking up everything he was looking to treat himself to.

Booker said: “It is foolish to leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. Had I known what I wanted, the shops would have sold out and I would never have forgiven myself.”

“That’s why I beat the crowds last week by picking everything on my list: carbon-fibre golf clubs, a Playstation 5, a drone that I’ll inevitably break by Boxing Day, some twelve packs of Amstel, the works.

“Only took a few hours on Amazon, and I’m glad I tried early. Now I can take it easy and enjoy the Christmas spirit for the next few weekends, instead of letting it haunt me, worsen my drinking.

“Still got to get my wife, kids, my sister, mom and dad, a few mates and Secret Santa. But they don’t require anywhere near as much thought and effort. I’ll mainly be doing vouchers so they’re cheaper in sales.” Can pick up

“Bosch, worked for another year.”


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