Women will be able to travel free of cost in roadways buses today. Women will be able to travel free of cost in roadways buses today IG News

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  • Shravani Upakarma today, Purnima will remain till 7 am tomorrow

Banswara | Due to Bhadra this time on Raksha Bandhan, there is confusion about the Muhurta for tying Rakhi and before doing Shravani rituals. Where some pundits say that this time Shravani Upakarma should be done on August 31 and Rakhi will be tied in the morning Muhurta.

On the other hand, the office bearers of four Brahmin societies held a meeting in Singhavav and decided that on August 30, from 3 pm onwards, Shravani Upakarma will be held in the Vaneshwar Mahadev Temple premises. Regarding the auspicious time of Raksha Bandhan, astrologer Pt. Hind Kishore Joshi and astrologer Dr. Bhavani Khandelwal told that full moon will start after 10.59 am on Shravan Shukla Chaudas Wednesday Ghanishtha Nakshatra on August 30. Which will be effective till 7.06 am on 31st August. Bhadra will start from 10.59 am on August 30, which will remain till 9.02 pm. Rakhi can be tied from 9.05 pm on 30th August to 7.05 am on 31st August, but due to the full moon on Udayat Tithi in the morning of 31st August, rakhi can be tied or tied throughout the day. Roadways General Manager Bhanwarlal Jat said that from the midnight of August 29 to the midnight of August 30, there is a provision of free travel for women in the Rajasthan border.