Women’s Bill : MLC Kavitha Deeksha today .. BRS leaders and ranks to Jantar Mantar IG News

BRS for Women’s Bill: Amidst various dramatic developments yesterday, Delhi Police allowed the BRS party to hold a diksha and dharna near Jantar Mantar today. Mainly, the BRS party is demanding that the Women’s Reservation Bill be introduced in the Parliament and approved. The party says that by accepting it, women will get 33 percent reservation in legislatures. With the same demand, the party is undertaking this initiation today. Bharat Jagruti Sansthan is organizing this initiation. BRS MLC Kavitha said in her press meet yesterday that 18 parties including CPI, CPM, NCP, TMC, Samajwadi Party, DMK, AAP, National Conference, Shiv Sena, PDP, JDU, RJD, Akali Dal, RLD, JMM have declared their solidarity.

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury and Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi will start the dharna today. The initiation will begin at 10 am. It will last till 4 pm. Party sources said that MLC Kavitha, who will participate in the dharna, will go on a hunger strike. It is known that CPI Secretary D. Raja will stop the initiation. It is known that BRS leaders, women ministers, activists and those who are fighting for women’s rights in 29 states will also participate in this dharna. It is known that a total of 5 thousand people will participate in this dharna.

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BJP Dharna:

On the other hand, BJP is going to hold a dharna today at Deen Dayal Marg against BRS on Delhi liquor scam. According to the plan, this dharna should first be held near Jantar Mantar. However, when the BRS leaders insisted that they had taken permission for the initiation in advance, the BJP backed down. They shifted their dharna from Jantar Mantar to Deen Dayal Marg. Both BRS and BJP are getting ready for competitive protests today.

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