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‘Work didn’t kill me, I let it go’, said the actress, who was seen with Devanand-Sunny Deol, missing from the film screens for 30 years. IG News


New Delhi. The actress who entered the world of acting in 1988 with the film ‘Vijay’ and said goodbye to the acting peak of her career. Now he has been absent from the world of cinema for a long time. After singing a song in one of his films in 1989, his identity changed. The actress’s luck brightened as soon as Yash Chopra caught her eye. Know who this talented actress is.

This famous Hindi film actress is Sonam Khan. This Mumbai-born actor also shares a very close relationship with Raza Murad. She is the niece of Raza Murad, because her grandfather also belonged to the film world. That is why his father knew many Bollywood stars. Once his father’s friend advised him to work in film and then he decided to do film.

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Yash Chopra made her a heroine
Sonam was just fifteen years old when famous Bollywood director Yash Chopra noticed her. As soon as he saw her at first sight, Yash decided to cast her in his film ‘Vijay’ and he did. Based on her acting talent, Sonam quickly became the top star of that era. During his career he worked with many big stars and in many hits. But his career ended in just seven years.

Married to a director 17 years older
Sonam’s name began to be associated with the underworld. In such a situation, to avoid the underworld and protect her image from being tarnished in the industry, she married Rajiv Rai, a well-known director who was 17 years her senior and had made her superhit films Tridev and ‘Visvatma’. According to media reports, Sonam and Rajiv have been dating each other since the shooting of ‘Trideva’. After marrying Sonam, Rajiv also started receiving threats from the underworld and both of them left the country.

Let us tell you that Sonam Khan has acted in many super hits like ‘Tridev’ and ‘Vishwatma’ in her film career. But after marriage, she said goodbye to her career. According to a news published in NBT, the actress herself revealed in her old interview that she regrets leaving her job. He said my work never left me, I left my job because of my stupidity, but what to do now.

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