World Cup Final: Saddened by India’s defeat, Odisha youth commits suicide on rooftop, 23-year-old Bengal boy hangs himself – Two suicides in West Bengal and Odisha after India’s defeat in World Cup 2023 final IG news

India lost and was hanged.
– Image: Social Media


Incidents of broken TVs due to India’s defeat in the World Cup are common. But there are cases from Odisha and West Bengal, which you will be surprised to know. In fact, two people here were so saddened by India’s defeat that they could not bear the grief and committed suicide by hanging.

According to sources, Rahul Lohar’s (23) brother-in-law Uttam Sur, a resident of Bankura, Bengal, said that Rahul was very saddened by India’s defeat. Due to which he hanged himself in his room at eleven o’clock at night. Meanwhile, Ranjan Das (23), a resident of Jajapur, Odisha, also committed suicide after being heartbroken by the defeat. Das’ uncle said that the deceased was suffering from emotional disorder syndrome. When India lost on Sunday night, Das was shocked and hanged himself from the roof of his house. Uncle says that Das was undergoing treatment for syndrome.