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X Blue, formerly Twitter Blue, allows subscribers to hide checkmarks - Serjzirk UK
X Blue, formerly Twitter Blue, allows subscribers to hide checkmarks

Twitter Blue, formerly known as “X Blue”, initially attracted users by offering the coveted blue checkmark to anyone willing to pay for the service.

However, customers have faced a backlash in recent months for their $8 monthly or $84 annual payments. SurgeZirc UK has now noticed that the company has updated its support page for X Blue, introducing a new feature for members: the ability to hide the verified checkmark on their accounts.

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Within the “Profile Customization” section of Account Settings, customers will find a new option to “Hide your blue checkmark” that they can activate. This will remove the badge from their profile and posts.

However, the company warns that the checkmark may still be visible in some cases, and some features may be unavailable when the checkmark is hidden.

Although Twitter hasn’t specified which features will be affected, it has implemented a number of changes since Elon Musk’s involvement, especially for paid users. These include increasing the posted limit to 25,000 characters and developing tools for publishing long-form content. The platform has also increased the video limit to 3 hours.

However, these enhancements have made the social network less attractive to free users. In July, Twitter announced limits on the number of direct messages non-paying users could send to combat spam.

Earlier, it also imposed strict limits on the number of tweets a user can view per day due to excessive data scraping. Although the ban was temporary, unverified accounts were initially limited to 600 posts per day.

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App developer Alessandro Palluzzi first discovered the option to hide the checkmark in March. According to Paluzzi’s screenshot, the verification process will remain the same, requiring users to submit a government ID for identity authentication.

However, it won’t be immediately clear whether someone is a paying X Blue user.