Yatnal said that I will make the state number 1 if I am the CM; Indirect Tong to Bommai! IG News

Vijayapura: Basangouda Patil Yatnal said that if I had been the CM (Chief Minister), I would have made the state of Karnataka number one (Number 1). Any decision should be taken without hesitation. Determination should be firm and unwavering. In his speech, Yatnal said that space must be given, not story telling.

We ourselves will come to power next time

We will come back to power after winning the Karnataka assembly elections. Don’t bother for any reason. Officials say. Whatever it is, whatever you want to change, change it. Vijayapura is the rocking powerhouse of Karnataka.

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Kaivoddi used to ask me to go first and say sir sir. Then they used to tell us to walk, but now if we go and stop, they will sign Basanagowdarada and say come. What brought all this Rocca? We have brought Baitivi. What did the minister not do? He said that he has brought work worth thousands of crores of rupees.

We will make 21 percent reservation for Dalits

Before talking about the reduction of reservation for Muslims, the Muslim community is benefiting from three sides. Only one side should get benefit. Is the reservation his uncle’s house? We will make 2 percent more reservation for Dalits.

Now we have made 17 percent for Dalits, next Narendra Modi government will make 21 percent. Congress is shocked by our historic decision. Congress is shaken, he challenged DK Shivakumar to say in the election that he will cancel reservation if he has the strength.

Siddaramaiah’s victory in Varuna was not easy

Yatnal sneered at Siddaramaiah’s constituency search and said that this situation should not have come to those who had been CM for 5 years. Congress will not make Siddaramaiah CM, they will make him a victim. “Siddaramaiah community should not support Congress because tomorrow we will die together with you if a goon is made CM,” DK Sivakumar shouted without naming names.

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Excessive Muslim appeasement is the reason for Siddaramaiah’s condition. Siddaramaiah has gone one sided, all races should be loved. If one race is placed at the head, the rest will teach Buddhi. It is not so easy for Siddaramaiah to win in Varuna constituency too. Social engineering is not so good. He said that earlier people were innocent and used to vote, now people have a list of who has done what.