Yevgeny Prigozhin Death: Putin’s rebel Wagner Chief dies in plane crash in Russia IG News

New Delhi : Yevgeny Prigogine, who rebelled against Russian President Vladimir Putin in June, died in a plane crash late on Wednesday. He was the chief of the private army Wagner Group. News agency Reuters has given this news quoting Russia’s agency TASS. 10 people are reported to have died in the crash. According to the information, the crash happened on Wednesday afternoon in the northern area of ​​Moscow. Russia’s Civil Aviation Authority only said that Yevgeny’s name was included in the passenger list.

This Ember aircraft was going from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Apart from Prigogine, co-founder of the private army and former Russian special forces commander Dmitry Utkin was also aboard the plane. At the same time, other officers of Wagner were present in the plane.

Reaction of different countries on Prigogine’s death

America- On the news of Wagner Chief’s death, Biden said- I don’t know what happened, but I am not surprised by this news. Hardly anything happens in Russia without Putin’s hand behind it. However, I do not know enough in this matter to give some answer. Ukraine- President Zelensky’s aide Mikhailo Podlyuk said- this is proof of what happens to those who are not loyal to the Kremlin. Before the 2024 presidential election, Putin has given a signal that if anyone goes against him, he will be killed. Poland- Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said- Whoever poses a threat to Putin’s power never dies a natural death. . Whoever becomes a challenge to Putin at the political level never dies a natural death.

rebelled against Putin
Prigogine rebelled against Putin in June and after that he went to Belarus. So, it is not clear when and how he reached Russia. A Russian officer told Sky News – We have started investigating the crash. Just two days ago a video of Prigogine had also surfaced.