‘You are asking if you are blaming yourself for dropping the faeces’ – what is happening in Pudukottai? IG News

Even though Tamil Nadu is progressing in terms of education, health and infrastructure, the brutality that took place in the Venkaivyal area of ​​Pudukottai district at the end of December last year shows that the state has not yet progressed from caste-based discrimination and division.

Venkaiwayal is an area in Thayoor village under Pudukottai Muthukkadu Panchayat. Brutalists belonging to the dominant community have dumped human waste in the overhead drinking tank for the Scheduled Castes living in this area.


People who do not know this list have suffered from diseases like vomiting and fever due to drinking the water from that tank. After this, it came to know what happened only when tested. District Collector Kavita Ramu, District Superintendent of Police Vandita and others rushed to the spot after the complaint was lodged and conducted an investigation.

At that time, there was a complaint about the double bowl system in Thayoor and the non-allowance of Scheduled castes inside the temple. After this, the District Collector took the people from the list who were denied entry into the temple by the hand. At that time, Singammal, a Samiyadi woman who protested saying “Dalit people cannot be allowed”, the temple priest and the person who followed the double mug system were all arrested in a case of brutality.


These incidents were shared on social media and gained a lot of attention. However, it is a question of many people that till date it has not been identified who did the shameful act of mixing faeces in the drinking water tank of the Scheduled Castes.

Even though it is commendable that the double mugging system was prevented and the people of the Scheduled Castes were taken inside the temple, the question has been raised as to why the government has so far not identified and arrested those who did the most disgraceful act.


In order for the situation to be like this, Vincent Raj from Evidence Kathir organization has shared with anguish on his Facebook page that the police arrested and interrogated the Dalit people who suffered physically and mentally due to brutality by the dominant society.

In it, “There is an attempt to portray the victims of Dalit people as criminals in Venkaivyal village. 8 people, including a 15-year-old boy, were kept in the police station for questioning and interrogated for 3 days till 12 midnight. This is the first time that an investigation has tried to portray the victims as criminals. Then, even if you ask me to draw a picture of what was in the drinking tank, do you spill the feces yourself and blame others? It has been asked.

We have sent 70 complaints after taking statements from all affected Dalit people. The CBI is investigating the matter. To investigate. No faith in the Tamil Nadu government. The court should investigate this on its own initiative.” He mentioned that.

So far, “You all be well. My biggest sin was voting for you in the election. I apologize for that. Good bye to the Dravidian model” Vincent Raj has posted his heartbreak.

Similarly, in another post, “Those who committed violence, including the Samiyadi woman who insulted the scheduled people before the District Collector, and the tea shopkeeper who followed the double mug, have been granted bail for 15 days. Dravidian Model Semma” also mentioned by Vincent Raj.

Earlier, Trichy DIG Saravanasundar had informed that an 11-member special team has been formed to find those who dumped faeces in the drinking water tank. Similarly, “There are no CCTV cameras in the area where the incident took place. In an effort to give importance to the case, a continuous search is being conducted,” Collector Kavita Ramu told the news agency. It is also reported that the district administration is making efforts to install CCTV cameras in Thayoor area.

The villagers of Venkaiwayal who have spoken about this brutality and disgrace that human society has never seen, expressed their anguish that “at the same time as the country is celebrating its 75th year of independence, what we got was drinking water mixed with excrement.”



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