Youth dies in road accident in Pandhurna! , While returning from Pandhurna to Rajna, an unknown vehicle collided near Reliance Petrol Pump, a middle-aged man returning from the temple died. IG News

Chhindwara3 hours ago

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A middle-aged man returning from work at the temple was hit hard by an unknown vehicle, resulting in his death. After the accident, the family members are in bad condition due to crying. According to the information, the incident happened late at night, Bhaskar Kurve 55 used to work in the Jain temple of Pandhurna.

He was returning home late at night when someone hit his bike near Reliance Petrol Pump. You will be surprised to know that he was wearing a helmet, yet the collision with the unknown vehicle was so strong that despite wearing the helmet, he suffered a serious head injury and died on the spot.

Piyush Abhishek, who was sitting behind him, was badly injured. The collision was so terrible that the young man died on the spot, information about which was given to the police by passersby passing by. At present the entire matter has been taken under investigation by the police.

Accidents are not stopping

Let us tell you that road accidents are happening every day in Pandhurna, yet no efforts are being made to stop the road accidents. At present, block spots have not been made at many places, due to which such accidents are being seen every day.