ys sharmila fire to commission for women IG News

YSRTP chief Vice Sharmila expressed her anger at the Telangana Women’s Commission. BRS MLC Kavitha said that BJP state president Bandi Sanjay made many comments and was happy to receive sumoto, but if we complained to you hundreds of times, why did you not respond? Why didn’t it move? The women’s commission was dismissed.

“Am I not the chief minister’s child? Or does your commission work for ordinary women? You did not see Minister Niranjan Reddy arresting a woman on Tuesday. Do KTR Vratas means you are not seen. You did not see if the followers of an MLA attacked us. You don’t hear the words of the ruling party denigrating women… you don’t see their atrocities… you don’t see the rapes they commit. But when an ant falls on the Chief Minister’s child, you are reminded of the responsibility. Because yours is not a commission for women.

Yours is a commission working for BRS party… BRS commission… a commission working only for women in BRS party. If you are really a commission working for women… respond to the complaints given to you and take action against the BRS leaders,” demanded Sharmila.