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YSRTP chief YS Sharmila has made sensational comments that she has received death threats from TRS leaders. She was angry that they burnt our vehicles, attacked us, and again filed cases against us. Seeing the response of people to their padayatra, Orvale said that he was targeted. YS Sharmila, who spoke to the media in Hyderabad on Sunday, once again expressed anger against the TRS party. Moreover, in the case of Delhi Liquor Scam, Kavitha was also severely criticized.

“My life is in danger. KCR and his goons are conspiring to prevent my party from rising. KCR has tied a bracelet not to do padayatra. Are you asking us to apologize by burning our vehicles? When he was going to show those vehicles to CM KCR, he was arrested under traffic violations and asked for remand. Even if there is permission from the court.. Why are you blocking my padayatra? It is a dictatorial regime. They are digging their own pit. People understand everything. Bandi Sanjay’s journey goes smoothly. Why are you blocking only my journey? Theirs is the language of the Taliban. Their party is Taliban Rashtriya Samithi,” said Sharmila.

Sharmila said that they will answer the show cause notices given by the police. After seeing them, he clarified that it may take some time to get permission for the yatra, so he may not have his padayatra on Monday. Sharmila made it clear that she would file a contempt of court case in the High Court if her march was obstructed.

Will CM’s daughter Kavitha be a womanizer and do liquor scam? Women in your house do liquor scams. There is no sympathy if I hike here. Will the car be seized and taken to the police station? What happened to your common sense? Is this the wisdom of reading 80 thousand books? Sharmila asked.

YS Sharmila said that she did not make personal insults against anyone. He criticized that they themselves called him Maradalu.. They have not even apologized till now. 30 thousand km. She asked why the trouble that did not come if she did the padayatra is coming now. Sharmila was angry that she was being stopped because she could not bear the support coming from the people. The TRS leaders are trembling because of the fear of exposing their corruption.

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