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YSRCP: A different house.. A leader with cadre.. Jagan’s election of Shankharav – Telugu News | CM Jagan will start election campaign in Vizag in January. 27, meeting named `Siddham’ IG News


On the other side is the sea… on the other side is the sea of ​​people. This is the biggest platform organized by YCP at Sangivalasa in Bhimili constituency. A different “preparatory” assembly than previous meetings. It is not just a meeting platform… CM Jagan walks from the big ramp and greets and talks to the workers. They get along with them. He himself knows the positions of the staff. The CM himself tells the workers about the prosperity and development that happened during his reign. In addition, Jagan will tell the cadre how to reverse the mistakes of the opposition. The purpose of this preparatory meeting is to orient the workers and prepare them for the upcoming election battle.

The ruling YCP is all set for election campaign in AP. In the name of “Siddam” he fills the voting funnel from Uttarandhra. It is a meeting place for leaders and cadres in Sangivalasi of Bhimili constituency. Four lakh workers from Uttarandhra will attend this first election meeting. On the one hand, the Jana Sena-TDP alliance has been hit by speed bumps and seats, while analysts say AP is all about the YSP Sabha.

CM Jagan, who is determined to take power for the second time, is moving forward with a solid plan. The Jagan government is working hard for the welfare and development that their government provides to the people. At the same time, we are asking people to see the difference between the previous government and theirs. There are 34 assembly constituencies in Uttarandhra districts. YSP won 28 seats in the 2019 elections. The ruling party is moving forward with a firm plan to retain its power in Uttarandhra in the upcoming elections.

In the name of preparations, YCP has started organizing 4 regional cadre meetings across the country on a very large scale. As part of this, the first meeting is held in Bhimili. Activists of West Godavari and Krishna districts will go to YCP regional conference to be held in Eluru on 30th of this month. After a total of four meetings with the staff, Jagan will give directions to the party staff on how to proceed in the upcoming elections.

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