Zelensky, who visited Britain, asked for help from the head of Ukraine. IG News

President of Ukraine Zelensky paid a surprise visit to Britain. Rishi Sunak met British King Charles as part of the visit. Later he addressed the British Parliament. From there he reached France. He met French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olof Scholz there. Zelensky asked France and Germany to send fighter jets and heavy weapons as soon as possible to pose a strong challenge to Russia. French President Macron has promised that his country will stand by Ukraine’s success and for peace, for Europe, for people to get their rights.

They said that they will continue their efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine. He said that the future of Europe as a whole is in jeopardy with Ukraine. Macron believes that Russia will not win and should not win. On the other hand, German Chancellor Scholz said that Ukraine is a part of the European family. Germany has so far provided financial aid to Ukraine as well as weapons and humanitarian aid, and promised to stand by Ukraine as long as it is needed. Germany has announced that it will give Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Germany’s defense minister said the first tank battalion would arrive in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv by April. America and Britain have also promised to send many tanks and weapons to Ukraine. Zelensky toured Europe for the first time after Russia launched its attack on Ukraine.


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