HomeBusinessA young man's life is in danger due to a friend's prank.

A young man’s life is in danger due to a friend’s prank.

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In Karachi, pranks on friends endanger the lives of innocent children.

In Karachi’s Korangi area, friends jokingly told their friends about the robbery. And the picture became viral on social media.

Abdul Basit, 20, fell victim to such severe mental anguish playing with his friends that his friends went viral saying he was an accused person involved in a robbery in the city.

A true example of how a social media prank can turn someone’s life into trouble is 20-year-old Abdul Basit, whose friends framed a photo of him as a robbery suspect. Korangi on social media But it turned out to be a viral trend.

After the photo went viral, Abdul Basit stopped leaving his home and received death threats. The young man had to hide his face outside the house.

When the matter was reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) and the police, the soldiers were summoned to the police station and apologized. Friends said they had no idea the joke could turn so serious.

Abdul Basit said he and his family have forgiven their friend. But they want to send a message to people that lying or joking with someone on social media can put other people’s lives in danger. Therefore, people misuse social media. Media

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