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Akil Lawyer Malik will try hard to live up to the Prime Minister’s trust.

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Taxila (present representative) Muslim League-N President Rawalpindi Haji Umar Farooq and MNA Barrister-elect Rakheel Malik set up camp for a public meeting on the day. First, Second and Third of Eid at Kohistan House GT Road, Department of Public and Social Affairs Haji Malik Naseeruddin, Barrister Aqeel Malik, Coordinator Chaudhry Waseem Shehzad Gujjar, Media Controller Bilal Salim Malik, Haji Malik Mohammad Nadeem, Haji Malik Amir Shahzad and Dr. Hasnain Farooq came to congratulate, MNA and Special Spokesperson of Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif at the Ministry of Law, Barrister Uqeel Malik and Haji Malik Umar Farooq, met the guests with great love and enthusiasm. Important political and social business figures of Takla including Syed Nazir Hussain Shah Wah Kent, contractors Haji Malik Muhammad Saleem from Dhok Nadir, Haji Malik Amjad Mahmood from Bajnyal, Haji Malik Ameer Afzal from Chhokar, Malik Naeem, Malik Arsalan, recipients. Mao Haji Saifur Rahman of Thatta Khalil, Haji Malik Parveez Akhtarwan of Jameel, Chaudhry famous Gujjar leader Fazal Din Bajar, Sheikh Zahiruddin, Sheikh Shaukatullah Madani, Malik Muhammad Saeed, Chief of the Nation of Kashmir Babu Muhammad Ayub Butt, Zaildar of Tax Syed Zaheerul. Hasan Shah is included, Barrister Raqeel Malik and Haji Malik discuss the current situation with Umar Farooq, MNA Barrister Raqeel Malik while talking with representative Nawai Waqt, he said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has great confidence in me and has therefore issued Announcement of my official appointment as Spokesperson for the Ministry of Law that we have chosen to protect us. rights and resolve issues and problems, and we will fulfill our responsibilities well.

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