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Boney Kapoor had to live in Raj Kapoor’s maid’s quarters due to financial problems.

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Famous Bollywood film producer Bani Kapoor reminisces about his childhood. When he lived in the servants’ quarters of former actor, director and producer Raj Kapoor.

In an interview with the Indian media, Boney Kapoor, husband of the late Sridevi, added that his father Surendra Kapoor left ten to twelve jobs. And our family faced dire financial problems.

He said the cause of the financial problems was that his father had fought for workers and was thus fired from his job.

Talking about the ups and downs of her career leading up to becoming a filmmaker, Boney Kapoor said, “At this time of huge financial troubles. My grandfather handed over my father and us to Prithviraj (Raj Kapoor’s father).

He said, “When our grandmother passed away, Anil Kapoor and I decided that she would act. And I will work in production to make money. Because the house must take action.”

The 68-year-old senior producer said that our father is a heart patient and we didn’t want him to suffer from mental stress. Besides he has debts. So we had a very difficult time.

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