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Boston Marathon won by ‘Sesay Lemna’ from Ethiopia

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Sisay Lemma from Ethiopia wins the 128th Marathon in Boston, USA.

Defeated champion Evans Chebet of Kenya lost.

In the historic marathon, Ethiopian athlete Sesay covered the distance in two hours, six minutes and 17 seconds, with Mohamed Isa of Ethiopia finishing in second place.

Evans Chebet of Kenya, defending champion of the Boston Marathon Crossed the finish line in third place. About 30,000 runners, including 10 from Pakistan, took part in this historic marathon.

Pakistani Hamza Syed completed the marathon in 2 hours 45 minutes 21 seconds, Sadiq Shah in 2 hours 57 minutes 5 seconds and Faisal Shafi in 3 hours 16 minutes 50 seconds.

Pakistan’s Faisal Shafi is a six-star finisher in the Boston Marathon.

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