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Ehsanullah will go to England for treatment. Asking for prayers from fans

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Ehsanullah The international fastballer will be in England for treatment in the coming days and asked for prayers from fans.

Ehsanullah The fast bowler, who was selected for the national team after his outstanding performance in the Pakistan Super League, is set to go to England for treatment in the next few days. The Pakistan Cricket Board has already prepared the fast bowler.

PSL franchise Multan Sultans also helped in this regard. Ehsanullah was unable to fully recover from his elbow injury despite undergoing surgery. and suffer from pain even after recuperating

After Ehsanullah’s physical examination in England The surgery will take place.

One of his messages The fast bowler congratulated the fans on Eid. and said I was going to England for surgery. Pray for my recovery soon.

Earlier, Ali Tareen, owner of Pakistan Super League franchise Multan Sultans, said Ehsanullah’s elbow injury was misdiagnosed because his surgery failed.

He said Multan Sultans retained Ehsanullah in PSL 9 despite his elbow injury with the aim of working with Multan Sultans physio, strength conditioning coach.

Ali Tareen said Ehsanullah was extradited to England this month. where an expert surgeon will examine him

Later, Director of Medical and Sports Science of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Dr. Sohail Salem said that the fast bowler Ehsanullah was not misdiagnosed by the PCB and did not leave him alone, but the MR of Ehsanullah’s elbow, report I, was misinterpreted.

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