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Eid package ration distributed by Anjuman Behbood Patients Nowshera

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Nowshera Son Scissors (Malik Zahid Farooq Awan) distributes Eid food to deserving men and women, the poor and the needy from various areas of Son Valley on behalf of the Welfare Patients Association. Malik Akbar Sultan Nisal said it is important look after of the poor and deserving during the month of Ramadan Due to the recent wave of inflation, millions of families across the country have been economically affected. And it still hasn’t been able to meet the demand during this difficult time. Citizens supported by Nowshera members and local philanthropists. With the end of Ramadan, Eid packages have been prepared for 3,000 to 5,000, which medical social welfare officer Najma Al-Nisa Malik said Wadi Son’s philanthropists leave zakat, donations and sadaqah. to Anjuman Behbood patients, thanks to which they provide free medicines to poor, destitute and needy patients throughout the year. Free medical camps are also organized in various villages.

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