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Entertainers must set boundaries to avoid criticism on social media: Saba Faisal

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Senior actor Saba Faisal recently addressed the issue of criticism faced by showbiz personalities on social media, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries to navigate through such challenges.

During a guest appearance on a private TV show, Faisal candidly shared her perspective on dealing with social media criticism. She expressed a resilient attitude towards negative feedback, asserting that maintaining inner peace is paramount, regardless of external opinions. Faisal highlighted the significance of focusing on one’s own principles and values, rather than being swayed by public perception, citing personal contentment as the ultimate priority.

While acknowledging the inevitability of criticism in the entertainment industry, Faisal advocated for celebrities to establish their own boundaries to safeguard their mental well-being. She debunked the misconception that public figures are obligated to expose every aspect of their personal lives, asserting that everyone, regardless of their status, deserves privacy and respect.

Faisal further underscored the disproportionate scrutiny faced by celebrities on social media, emphasizing the need for a more nuanced understanding of their humanity. She lamented the tendency for minor mistakes to be magnified and criticized, contrasting the leniency afforded to the average individual in similar situations.

Overall, Faisal’s remarks shed light on the complex dynamics of fame and social media, urging both celebrities and the public to exercise empathy and discretion in their interactions online.

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