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Karate Combat 45; Pakistan beat India 1-2

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Shahzeb Rind, Pakistani karate master who was slapped in the face at the press conference, defeated Indian captain Rana Singh

Pakistan defeated India 2-1 in Karate Combat 45 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Pakistani karate grandmaster Shahzeb Rind defeated Indian captain Rana Singh in the final to give Pakistan the edge. Get Victory

Pakistan’s Rizwan Ali defeated Pawan Gupta and Himanshu Kaushik to level the match 1-1. However, captain Shahzeb Rand defeated his Indian counterpart Rana Singh to give victory to Pakistan.

In the second round, Himanshu Kaushik from India faced Faizan Khan, to whom Faizan lost. In the match, Himanshu faced Uloomi Karim, but due to his weight losing 5 kilograms, Faizan Khan had a chance to fight.

The rivalry between Shahzeb Rind and Rana Singh is interesting and with their success in the competition. Pakistani Karate Grandmaster Raising Pakistani and Indian Flags Raise the hand of friendship! The fans couldn’t live without applauding him.

At the end of the match, Shahzeb Rind was asked why he carried the flags of the two countries, to which he replied, “We are not enemies. We are friends!” The purpose of this battle is to deepen the ties of the two countries.

Shahzeb Rand also thanked Pakistani actor Imran Abbas for coming to Dubai for the fight. Meanwhile, regarding Bollywood star Salman Khan, he said that he grew up looking after you since he was 55. He is my “superstar”.

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