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Name of Chalbal Pandas of Punjab

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Words cannot describe the madness created by the viral video of the clash between the Kharian police and the transgender community on social media.
The indiscriminate trolling on social media has forced me to move my pen on this matter.
Readers, at one time the prestige of the police was so high that children It used to be a salute to soldiers walking on the streets. In the 60s and 70s, the bravery of the police officer known as “Sahib Bahadur” in the Pakistani film industry did not diminish. The film shows the audience that whether there is a party or a victim, Sahib Bahadur must bring the accused to justice.
But now the condition of police departments and the public’s perception of them has changed greatly. In fact, the image of people involved in the police department in our society is so distorted that they are viewed as devoid of emotion and devoid of human empathy.
Shah Rukh Khan’s very famous line in the Indian movie “Main Hoon Naan” was “Main Hoon Naan” and he got the response “Ise Baat Ka To Dar Hai” from the front. When in front of the police We feel more dependent on them than protected. People evaded the police station siege and were humiliated. Going to the police station is a good thing for a good citizen. Survival of the fittest has been adopted in Pakistan. Life is easy for the strong. And the weak are destined to be pushed.
Readers always pray to Allah Kareem that no sudden accidents or disasters happen to you during holidays and weekends in Pakistan. Because neither the health sector listens to you nor any police station can help you. When the PSL arrived, a large number of personnel were deployed at that time. On the other hand, street crimes began to show their open face. In this situation Who do we need justice from? Sadly, on social media Our police looked more alert and cautious than the London police. Faiz Ahmad Faiz performed well.
Creation is always confused with cruelty.
Their rituals are not new. And the sand isn’t new.
We always raise flowers over the fire.
Their defeats are nothing new. And their victories are nothing new.
If we talk about police reform that there should be reform I will avoid mixing up the hinges of heaven and earth by police the reformation of the supposed orbit and cannot be deduced from the discussion. In my opinion Police reform is not necessary. Because there are still many reforms ahead. If necessary, it will be carried out. If necessary, change the system.
Readers The best journalists are those who present their analysis and news facts to the public in such a way that they have no personal interest, malice or personal animosity in it. He should not be influenced by anyone. Be impartial and report completely. There should be no talk of destroying Pakistan’s institutions. Maintain a constructive aspect in the journalistic profession so that disappointment does not spread in the country and the nation. If something happened to him, he should be patient. It’s not that he took advantage of being a reporter too much and created a stir in the electronic and print media over trivial matters. It may be that government institutions are working with good intentions and correctness. Unfortunately, something terrible also happened. But if there are frequent complaints It is also a duty to convey the voice of God’s creation for the authorities to edit.
Had a strong connection with the police department in his childhood. Because my aunt is a DSP with preponderance in the police service. and was a famous poet in the late 80s and early 90s, so despite having sympathy and ties to the police department But the system also recognizes that all officers are not the same.
There was an incident with Khair Mousufah that convinced the police system to be primitive, dull and helpless.
The incident was that someone escaped with my 10 hundred thousand baht, wore a mask to go to the police station like a normal citizen and dishonored the check. More than 4 months have passed and GFIR has not happened. The title of Mustansar Hussain Tadar’s book “Aloo oure bhai hain” still lingers in my mind. Either way, the FIR will be filed today. Tomorrow I will file a lawsuit.
The police officers continued their work without hesitation. Our hometown is next to inner Lahore. We have now settled in what is called a society far from the city. In fact, it was later discovered that local SHOFIR was charging for registration. After knowing this So I went straight to City SP and the SP immediately told me that you are a columnist and there was a newspaper on the table and emphasized that in the context of all the evidence, the FIR would be filed soon.
Readers believe that the SHO subordinates were very adamant that the DSP, SP was blowing air. 20 days have passed since then. Then I reached the head of the police department who connected the phone directly to the police station. The SHO was not present. There was a complaint from the police officer himself. Immediately, the Honorable Master took action and was removed from the station. (Continued)

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