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Nick Jonas is infected with influenza A.

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Famous American singer and actor Nick Jonas apologizes to his fans after contracting influenza A.

According to Indian media reports After Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, her cousin and husband of world famous actor Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas fell ill.

Nick Jonas recently released a short video message. on his social media platform Instagram, where he informed fans Know about his health and apologized to them for not being able to perform on stage

“I don’t have good news to share,” he said. “A few days ago I woke up with a sore throat, my voice stopped and I started sweating. I’ve been sick for two months now. It’s been the last day I’ve been in bed. Body aches, sore throat and cough.

He apologized to fans and said that his health had not improved even after being examined by a doctor. Having said that, I have been infected with influenza A and am currently unable to sing.

The singer added that at the moment I am unable to perform in shows in Mexico. Therefore, these programs will be held in August.

In the comments of the post shared on social media, many fans are praying for Nick Jonas’ recovery.

Please note that the Jonas Brothers group, which consists of Kevin Jones, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas, will be performing in Mexico later this week.

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