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Parliamentary Research Service’s flagship report on human rights in India.

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India, which is the so-called largest democracy in the world. There is a long history of human rights violations here. Minorities, especially Muslims, Victim of atrocities by the Indian government

Whenever a human rights report is issued India will top the list, according to a Congressional Research Services report on human rights violations in India in April 2024, found guilty of violations. Most of which are of a serious nature. Service report Officials found to be involved in human rights violations The Indian government has taken no action against them. Every year since Modi came to power in 2019, there has been a dramatic increase in human rights violations. Dictatorship At the beginning of 2021, a US Freedom House report claimed that extremists Modi and his party were leading India to the worst dictatorship. India, probably in violation of international law, also carries out attacks through its agencies on people living in other countries. About 80 percent are Hindus, 14 percent are Muslims, 2 percent are Sikhs and just 2 percent are Christians. Smaller numbers of minorities such as This is also Hindus, according to a report by Congressional Research Services, incidents of violence against religious minorities in India. especially Muslims Including threats. Intimidation and even killing of Hindu extremists This includes violent attacks and killings of Muslims for killing or trading in cattle.

After Muslims The Christian community is the second largest victim of persecution by Indian extremists. with an average of 11 violent attacks per week. Some Indian officials were not only involved; But it also facilitates attacks. Anthony’s words Blanken has shown that attacks against minorities in India are also being used by the US International Commission on Religious Freedom. Backed by the government, it also recommended in 2020 that the Secretary of State designate India as a country of concern for religious acts. Last year it was also found that freedom of expression in India was severely restricted by media, journalists, as per the Press Freedom Report 2023. Strict restrictions on internet access in India. Online content censorship and the Indian government’s crackdown on digital media users. undermines freedom of expression For the fifth year in a row The report said that the Indian government’s actions to end human trafficking do not meet minimum standards. Efforts to combat human trafficking are insufficient compared to the problem. and the exoneration rate for traffickers is 84 percent for rights violations. Human Rights Watch reports that the Special Powers Act allows security forces to broadly detain individuals without charge for serious human rights violations. Serious in Indian Occupied Kashmir Women are subjected to all forms of persecution. Sexual violence is normal. forced marriage femicide enforced disappearance of persons and child abuse It is normal in India. The conflict between the Kuki and Meiti tribes in Manipur has resulted in significant human rights violations. This report clearly shows that Hindu extremism is on the rise in India and is increasing day by day.

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