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PM Modi then retracted his statement.

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In an interview with News 18 on May 13, Narendra Modi was asked why he said that if the Congress comes to power It would reverse Ram Mandir’s decision. He denied it saying that it was his decision. However, in a video of the election meeting held in Dar. Madhya Pradesh on May 7 It was clear that Modi needed 400 seats so that the Congress could not lock up Babri at the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Narendra Modi during the Ram Mandir Pran Pratashtha ceremony on January 22, 2024 (Photo: X/@narendramodi)

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has withdrawn another statement from him. in the election earlier this month Modi told thousands of people that he would install a “Babri key” on the Ram temple in Ayodhya. If India Ghatbandhan comes to power In January of this year Modi played a key role in the Prana-Pratashtha ceremony of the Ram temple.

According to reports, on May 7 in the cities of Kharkon and Dar. In Madhya Pradesh, Modi said, “Modi needs 400 seats so that the Congress does not invoke Article 370 in Kashmir again.” Ayothaya’

Modi’s speech caught people’s attention. Modi says for the first time why he wants 400 seats in the video below. Modi is saying this after 16 minutes.

Analysts say the slogan ‘400 Ko Par’ has now become a stumbling block for the BJP. The slogan has raised doubts among SC, ST and OBC groups that the BJP needs so many seats to change the constitution and end the reservation system.

In an interview with News 18 on May 13th When news anchor Umesh Devgan asked Modi why he said that the Congress would reverse the Ram temple decision if it came to power, Modi replied, “This is my statement”. Devgan said – ‘You said so.’ But Mo Dee said again. ‘These are not my words. Please don’t put it in my mouth.’

Devgan appeared surprised by Modi’s backtracking on a statement given to thousands of people at a public rally and widely reported in newspapers. He says so at 8:43 in the video below.

Earlier, PM Modi also retracted his statement.

On April 21st He issued an anti-Muslim statement in Banswara, Rajasthan. He repeated parts of this speech in subsequent meetings, but while filing his nomination papers in Varanasi on the 14th, In May, Modi refused to admit that he had said that, saying, ‘The day I converted to Hindu-Muslim religion. I would be unfit for public life.’ I would not be a Hindu-Muslim. That is my commitment.’

Later, Modi revisited his speech in Varanasi and again started counting the ‘danger’ of Muslims. He began to explain that if the opposition wins the election How can Muslims get the share reserved for Dalits, backward classes and tribals?

Surprised his supporters by releasing a statement about Ambani-Adani.

Meanwhile During the election campaign in Telangana Modi surprised his supporters by saying that the Adani-Ambani timing gave big money to the opposition. When Minister Piyush Goyal was asked a question in Times Now about Modi’s statement, he said, “Only Modi can answer.”

However, Modi is yet to provide any clarification on his statement. And he has not retracted the statement.

Modi took aim at the opposition in his Ambani-Adani statement. ‘What’s the deal?’ You stopped attacking Ambani and Adani overnight. There must be something black in the lentils. Ambani and Adani were abused for five years. And the abuse ended overnight. Refers to some stolen property you found by completing the stroke. The country must answer.

However, The Wire reported in a report that the Congress has not stopped talking about Ambani-Adani. On May 8, Modi accused the Congress of covering up the anti-Ambani-Adani campaign. But on April 24, Ambani-Adani was cornered by Congress president Mallikarjan Kharge, who said ‘what is happening in this country is that there are two sellers and two buyers’. The sellers are Modi and Shah and the buyers are Ambani and Adani.

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