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Selling expensive bread and naan is not acceptable in all areas: Bilal Sindh

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Gujranwala (Special Representative) Food Minister Bilal Yasin along with Commissioner Naveed Haider Shirazi, RPO Tayyab Hafeez Cheema, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Tariq Qureshi conducted searches in various areas. To ensure that roti naan is sold at a notified price, Food Minister Bilal Sindh Said on this occasion that The sale of bread and expensive buns in any area will be available for Rs 15, bread for Rs 20 and benefit of reduced flour prices. You should go to the people instead of the middleman. The Subdistrict Administrative Organization has ordered officials to go out into the field in the morning and evening. This ensures that cheap bread and naan are available in every area. And it continued until it was 100% operational. For the first time in history, there was a lump sum reduction of Rs 500 for a bag of flour. Bread should be sold at a fixed price in all areas. On the occasion, Deputy Commissioner of the Provincial Food Ministry Bilal also ordered Challan of two low-weight bread ovens, informing that there are now ovens in the district. Up to 305 stoves have been adjusted, more than 725,000 stoves have been adjusted.

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