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Talat Hussain loves his junior very much. The artist community and fans are devastated by the actor’s death.

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(Desk) Another era of Pakistan’s showbiz industry has come to an end. Community of artists and fans They are saddened by the death of senior Pakistani actor Talat Hussain.

People associated with the Pakistani showbiz industry expressed their sorrow and condolences over the death of senior actor Talat Hussain. Actress Bushra Ansari said that it is a huge loss for the Pakistani showbiz industry. Talat Sahib is now in His Majesty’s hands. of Allah He also prayed for The actor’s forgiveness, while fans also expressed their condolences over the actor’s death.

Senior actor Javed Sheikh says his heart is saddened by the news of Talat Hussain’s death. He was not only an artist but also an artist. But he is also a very complex person. He had more knowledge than all the artists in Pakistan at that time.

He said that in the early days We used to listen to Talat Hussain’s voice in the cinema. My early days were spent with him on radio and television. He has performed his roles in English and Urdu films in complex formats. Actors should read The life of Hussein Market

The actor said that Talat Hussain taught us that his name still exists in the UK and the Indian industry. An artist like Talat Hussain cannot survive in this region. May Allah grant the deceased a place to stay in Jowar Rahmat.

Karachi Arts Council President Ahmed Shah said Talat Hussain has close ties with the Pakistan Arts Council in Karachi. He is part of the governing body of the Pakistan Arts Council Karachi. He also trains many actors. Along with graduating late as well. He is a philosopher.

Ahmed Shah said actor Talat Hussain was admitted to a private hospital for a long time due to health problems.

Senior actor and Director of Entertainment at Dunya News Sohail Ahmed said Talat Hussain loved his juniors very much. He had a very compassionate personality. Talat Hussain’s death broke the roof of TV.

He said that spending a few minutes at Hussain Market was a long and valuable moment for us. I am very saddened by his death. I was very saddened when I heard the news of his illness.

Sohail Ahmed said We should follow in the footsteps of people like him. Every human being has very little time. We should all follow the same guidelines he walked. People like Talat Hussain, no matter their performance quality, compromise.

The actor said that may Allah Almighty grant the rest of the artistes to follow in the footsteps of Talat Hussain. Talat Hussain has made a mark on Pakistani television all over the world, may Allah Almighty grant him. The same honor and dignity will be given to him in the next world as in reserve.

Sohail Ahmed added: Whatever work Hussein had done remained in my mind when he saw me. His face used to smile like a father seeing his son.

On the other hand, his fans are also saddened by the death of senior actor Talat Hussain.

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