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The corner of the person who attacked me was Rauf Hassan.

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pakistan leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Rauf Hassan said that the angle of those who attack me is my neck. The attack went perfectly according to plan.

While addressing a press conference with PTI leaders in Islamabad, Rauf Hasan was upset and said that my wounds will heal. The wounds inflicted on the country under Fard Wahid’s dictatorship will never heal, there is no precedent.

The PTT leader said that these people came to me three days ago. They intimidated me and intimidated me. The villains kept saying we were behind you. The goal was to cut my throat. “The wound will heal.” It may not even be visible.” Denying FIR, Rauf Hassan said behind the smoke of democracy is the dictatorship of one person. Despite all the repression, the PTI and its public support were unable to break it. What happened to me was just a minor incident. But my co-worker felt very guilty.

He said atrocities were not only committed against Pakistanis. but also the state of Pakistan. What happened to me was nothing but a lot of what happened to the person with me is happening over and over again.

The PTT leader further said that The government gives it to the party under his command. It is time for the entire nation to stand up. The whole nation must come out. The question is not about life. But it is a matter of The entire state is closed. I was driven In two years, no one has been able to create a story. A person’s desire to enforce has completely failed. You kill us. We will not give up. Tell me where to go. Come on. Bullet in my chest. Kill them. If not today. Tomorrow they would have to talk to the person sitting in Adiala.

Opposition leader Umar Yab says he rejects Islamabad police’s FIR on Rauf Hassan attack Where is Rauf Hassan at this time? Even after 24 hours, the police were unable to reach the knife attackers.

Umar Yab said that with the release of the two people who attacked the PTI founder, this black mark is on the Punjab Police and prosecuted. The PTI government will take the matter to trial.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI leader Azam Swati said the FIR was against Bajwa for regime change. The operation to kill Rauf Hasan is reprehensible. I want to ask those in charge what they want to achieve.

It should be remembered that Rauf Hassan was injured in a sword attack in Islamabad yesterday evening.

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