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When his financial situation was not good, his wife Sunita helped Anil Kapoor.

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Veteran Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor is very open about his professional and personal life. He has also seen many ups and downs throughout his 47-year film career.

In an interview with Neha Dhupia along with his daughter Sonam Kapoor, actor Anil Kapoor, 68, revealed about his wife Sunita Kapoor that she helped me a lot when I had no money.

He said he first met his wife fifty years ago. At this meeting My financial situation is not very good. So Sunita used to manage many things herself and wherever money was a matter, she went. ahead and share

after marriage She doesn’t just do housework. But it also manages finances. There were times when I couldn’t afford certain things. So I didn’t ask him. He would go and bring the food himself.

Anil Kapoor added that sometimes we go to ordinary restaurants and on dates, sometimes we go to restaurants that are a little better. And if Sunita knew I didn’t have money for the bill, she would pay it herself.

It should be noted that Anil Kapoor and Sunita got married on 19 May 1984 and have three children, Sonam, Reha and Harsh Vardhan.

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